Why Do People Join Gyms and Health Clubs?

People join gyms and health clubs for a variety of different reasons. What follows is a list of some of the most common reasons.

1. To exercise regularly in a motivating and energizing environment.

2. To get the support they need to stay with an exercise program.

3. To learn a new sport or continue playing a favourite sport, such as swimming, basketball, or tennis.

4. To work out on a variety of user friendly cardiovascular and resistance equipment.

5. To receive one to one guidance and support from qualified fitness professionals.

6. To exercise in a safe environment where CPR, emergency response, and other safeguards are available.

7. To have a place to exercise when it is too hot, too cold, or weather conditions are hazardous.

8. To improve health and well being gym through promotion programs such as stress management, weight management, and smoking cessation.

9. To maintain strength, mobility, and functionality throughout life.

10. To improve physical mobility though physical therapy, and programs designed for people with special challenges such as arthritis.

11. To encourage their children to develop the life long practice of exercising regularly.

12. To take advantage of child care programs, summer camps, and special activities geared towards children.

13. To meet old friends, and make new friends though organized, off site club activities such as hiking and skiing trips.

14. To take advantage of social activities such as dances, parties, and picnics.

15. To meet new people of all ages and backgrounds.

For many people, the gym is not just a place to exercise, but also a place to socialise and relax. The many facilities that gyms offer make exercising more convenient, and improve the chances that you will stick with your own regime.


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