What is 3D Ready TV?

3D ready TV refers to those Google TV which along with their 2D viewing experience are compatible to offer 3D viewing as well. With the growing consumer demand towards in-home 3D cinematic viewing experience, this is what the greatest TV Makers of the world are focusing. The three dimensional ready TV is the latest offerings catering to the early beginners for in-home 3D viewing and is laying the foundation to develop upon as the 3D content becomes readily available.

In the aftermath of this, the latest trends in case of the 3D Ready TVs can be seen in:

• Active 3D Technology – Philips
• DLP Technology – Mitsubishi, Samsung
• Lenticular Technology – TCL

In case of active three dimensional technology used by Philips for its high range three dimensional ready TV models, these HD TVs come with active 3D eye glasses and a wireless transmitter. These eye glasses have tremendous shutter speed and can alternately open and close the eye lenses of the viewer. The 3D content is developed on a print that is run at a high frames per second mode having the left eye and the right eye images placed alternately on it.

Hence, while viewing, these active 3D glasses with the help of the wireless transmitter synchronizes and opens and shuts the viewer’s eyes corresponding to the image being shown on screen. Philips offer 3D upgrade packs for its three dimensional ready TVs complete with the active eye glasses and the wireless transmitter.

DLP Technology on the other hand stands for Digital Light Processing and is owned by Texas Instruments. This technology is used with small units of standalone projectors and the TVs can have either front projection or rear projection of DLP. DLP can be stated to be the competitor of the LCD and Plasma technologies available in the current HD TV Space.

Lenticular technology refers to the extensive usage of lenticular lenses which in turn creates images having certain depth. That is, these kinds of lenses produce images with an illusion of having a depth which moves and changes when viewed from different angles. Currently selling for $20,000, the 42 inch LCD 3D Ready TV using this technology has been manufactured by the Chinese producer TCL. Known as TD-42F, this model is currently available only in China.

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