TCL have developed a spectacular 32-Inch LCD High definition Google TV. The colors are vivid and realistic, and the picture is clear and sharp due to the ingenious 3-D Y/C digital comb filter.

This LCD HDTV is additionally compatible with lots of your other devices. You can enjoy your favourite music in numerous file formats, you can look at your photographs on the big Tv screen, and there are also multiple Inputs and Outputs for other devices so that you can link them all up. This includes 3 HDMI connectors, PC video and audio, and also a USB port. This means that it is possible to connect up to your computer to look at pictures, films as well as other media files, and you could likewise connect your DVD player, your Blu-Ray player, your Nintendo Wii console, or other video game consoles. View all of your electronic media on the big screen!

Coming from a style point of view, this TCL Tv set is actually nicely thought out – 178 degree viewing angles means that you never fail to obtain the best view of your television whether you’re in a large room, or have a group of friends over to check out a movie.

One more feature which makes this particular Lcd Television a pleasure to use is the intelligent Channel Labelling system which allows you to label your channels the way you would like, along with the channel numbers. This makes it simple to find the right channel and also to find out in a moment which channel you happen to be watching.

You will not only enjoy a great viewing experience, you will also be doing your bit for the environment! This LCD Tv is Energy Star 4.0 certified which will certainly also lower your energy bills!


Despite the fact that they were sceptical to begin with as TCL isn’t as well-known a brandname as others, quite a few customers were positively thrilled with their Television set – they reckoned that the functions, high quality and two year manufacturer’s warranty at this sort of low price tag make this Tv a great deal.

One more satisfied customer referred to the fantastic quality of the picture, the surprisingly decent remote control, as well as the super easy set-up.

The lack of glare from the LCD display was also brought up by a number of individuals.

A good few people likewise mentioned that on the 32-Inch Tv screen, you couldn’t tell whether or not the screen was a 720p or a 1080p since the image quality was just as good as the more pricey 1080p Tvs.


If you are using a universal remote control, you might encounter an issue with it not recognizing the television because it is not really a common manufacturer.

Some individuals felt that the colors required plenty of adjustment before they are able to get a natural picture.

A few remarks were made about the low quality of the HDMI input, stating that when watching something, the Tv screen would sporadically black out for a couple seconds.

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