Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder

Gone are the days of having to fool with those little microcassette tapes, just to have a pocket sized recorder for your business or personal use. The Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder doesn’t need any maintenance, but two (2) triple A batteries. It’s not much bigger than a credit card and only a little over a half inch thick.

One of the nice features of this little recorder is that you can use the Digital Voice Editor to create voice emails, and with 2GB of internal Flash Memory, you have a lot of room for creating emails, text and up to 5 folders. It even has a stereo microphone jack for listening to the playback on your external stereo speakers.

It’s PodCast ready and records in MP3 format with voice operated recording. Being compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software you can use the USB port to save and send your messages. It handles all of your PodCasting needs and much more for dictation. These files are compatible with Win XP operating system, and up, making them easy to import into your favorite software.

Use the Dictation Correction and an Add function to edit, correct and add comments to the original recording. This is a great feature for those who are taking notes for research, and later need to modify information with an additional source. Magnetic tape recorders don’t offer this flexibility, but with built-in digital storage capacity, it makes it simple to edit and recreate.

The speaker and buttons are large and on the front of the unit making it easier to operate than the old fashioned recorders which had buttons on the sides and the speaker on the back. That rear speaker was always getting covered up by your hand and muffling the volume. This digital recorder has the speaker mounted where it should have been all this time.

Presentation transfer vhs to dvd Perth meetings are often fast paced, and trying to keep notes by using pen and paper can leave you far behind the rest of your colleagues. Having a small digital recorder that can stay in your shirt pocket can give you an advantage over the rest of the employees. You never have to miss a word with the large capacity built-in memory.

Because it is digital it offers silent operation, and makes it perfect for taking to classes, or attending a lecture. It is so quiet that it won’t disturb anyone in a public library, and you can whisper into it and still be able to hear your words when you play back the content. Use the Text-To-Speech software and your library worries are gone for good. Digital technology provides many benefits which older types of equipment were incapable of handling.

The Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder also has digital pitch control, and the A-B function, while providing multiple record modes and a digital face clock with alarm settings. This is truly a much needed improvement over the older models of magnetic tape recording, which were notorious for break the tape. This digital recorder could be a very affordable replacement for those old microcassette tape players.


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