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Here at JCS we are experts in all car servicing and have been looking after customers in our local area such as Long Eaton, Loughbough and Hathern for over 40 years. So whether you have an Audi, Vauxhall, BMW or in fact any make of vehicle that requires service or MOT you can rely on JCS for quality of work and value for money.


JCS offer manufacturer scheduled services fully protecting your vehicle warranty for a fraction of the dealer cost. Please call for quotes on our manufacturer schedule servicing.


JCS also offer their own services saving you even more money. Please see below for more details:

Level 1 service


  Includes the following


  1. Change engine oil filter

  2. Change engine oil

  3. Change sump plug washer


                                 VISUAL HEALTH-CHECK ITEMS

                                 4. Check operation of lights 

                                 5. Check screen washers and pipes

                                 6. Check brake pipes and lines 

                                 7. Check exhaust system 

                                 8. Check front brake pads 

                                 9. Check rear brake pads 

                                10. Inspect tyres and set pressures 

                                11. Report on tyre tread depth 

                                12. Check cooling system 

                                13. Check drive belts (not cam-belts)

                                14. Check all fluid levels 

                                15. Corrosion Check


Total cost - £105 (price exclusive to our website, please quote when booking)

Level 2 service


 Includes all level 1 plus


 16. Replace pollen filter

 17. Test Brake fluid Quality

 18. Test antifreeze quality

 19. Remove all wheels and provide full brake report                            


Total cost - £145 (price exclusive to our website, please quote when booking)

Level 3 service


 Includes All level 1 plus


20. Replace Fuel filter (diesel engines)

21. Replace Spark Plugs (Petrol engines)

22. Replace Air Filter

                              23. Check Transmission fluids

                              24  Test Brake fluid Quality

                              25. Test antifreeze quality

                              26. Remove all wheels and provide full brake report      

                              27. Top Up fluids


                          Road Test To Check Operation Of: 

                              28. Brakes 

                              29. Steering 

                              30. Suspension 

                              31. Engine & Gearbox 

                              32. Drive ability


Total cost - £199* (price exclusive to our website, please quote when booking)

*Long life spark plugs or high oil quantity engines may be at an extra cost.

Full Workshop Facilities


Don't neglect the life blood of your engine. We offer an oil & filter change with service light reset and book stamp from £59.99.

From £105

Piece of mind services from £105. We offer 3 levels of service to accommodate all budgets and requirements.



We offer MOTS to our local residents for just £30. We also carry out MOT repairs and retests on all cars and light commercial vans.


We can Re-Gas and diagnose A/C systems. It is recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant in order to keep it running efficiently.




Cambelts are an essential part of your vehicle and not replacing them upon the manufacturer's recommended guidelines can result in serious damage to your vehicle's engine.


If you feel there may be a problem with your clutch but are unsure call in today where we will be happy to do a free no obligation check on your clutch.



Custom remaps available on petrol and diesel cars, vans, trucks and tractors. Choice of Economy and Power maps available.


Under body protection and valet options available to choose from.


Fault code reading and diagnostics available. Engine, airbags, brakes, steering emissions, battery & alternator, DPF/EGR solutions.

The comprehensive level of checks included in your car service involve a full vehicle health check which checks all aspects of the vehicle enabling us to give you a full over view of the vehicle.


We report on all these aspects. For an example we will check your brake pads, then you will be shown the report on these.

Brake pads 90% worn will be indicated as a red urgent item.


Brake Pads 75% worn would be shown as an advisory item recommending a free recheck in future months.


Brake pads which are 50% worn will be marked green recommending checking at your next service.

All these checks are bespoke to your vehicle and annual mileage.

We do this so you have the confidence that all elements of the car have been checked and to show if we will make honest recommendations on when you require works to be done.

We will not waste 30% of your brake pad by replacing it too early.

If your vehicle requires any repairs we will always aim to give fantastic value for money. We aim to be 40% cheaper than the dealer and back this up with a genuine price match policy.

We collect and deliver free of charge. Waiting appointments available. Loan cars £15. Free wash and vac with all repairs.

For all these services we use quality branded parts all o/e specified holding 12 months warranty.

We can also carry out car services to exact manufacturer car service schedules please call for a quote.

Looking for a quality pre-owned Fiat or Alfa Romeo in the, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Loughborough area? At JCS Kegworth we always stock over 50 quality used Fiats, used Alfa Romeos and other makes of car. 


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