DPF Cleaning Service from £265.00 Inclusive


We can now offer a DPF cleaning service.


Have been told that you need a new DPF FILTER?

Our system is an on the car tool that allows us to clean the filter without removing it from the vehicle. Not only does this method work, it saves hundreds of pounds in labour costs.

This system is tried and tested and also approved by nearly all manufacturers.

Don’t be misled by people claiming they can unblock your filter with a pressure washer.... IT DOES NOT WORK!

It is important to understand why the DPF has blocked or failed.

Which fault codes are present and what effect these have on the DPF.


A thorough investigation must take place to ensure any other potential problems are removed.


Some of the reasons for DPF failure are:


• Short journeys & style of driving incompatible to automatic DPF regeneration

• Poor fuel quality

• Poorly operating or blocked injectors

• Faulty EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

• Incorrect engine oil

• Service intervals exceeded

• Split or damaged hoses

• Fault codes showing on the diagnostic equipment linked to DPF/Exhaust


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