Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Whilst the modern automotive air conditioning system is both efficient and reliable, it is a mainly mechanical system which requires periodical servicing and maintenance in order to maintain its performance.

Bacteria in your vehicle’s air conditioning system can be a health hazard, and can also cause your vehicle to run inefficiently and create nasty odours.

Fiat recommend servicing the system every 2 years to maintain the efficiency of the system and ensure the reliable running of the vehicle.



Air conditioning service, Kegworth, Leicester, Derby

A full air condition service includes:


● Operation of heater controls

● Checking the condition of the pollen filter

● Checking of the evaporator drain

● Checking the condition of the compressor drive belt 

● Purging the system with an anti bacterial treatment 

● Checking the air conditioning system for leaks

● Drain and renew of refrigerant gas

● Checking temperature of refrigerant

● Check cooling fan operation

Air conditioning service prices


Bronze Service: Full regas and health check of system £59.00 Inclusive 


Silver Service: Full regas and anti-bacterial treatment  £74.50 Inclusive


GOLD Service: Full regas and anti-bacterial treatment replace pollen filter £99.50 Inclusive


All a/c services have UV dye and pag oil added as per the spec of the vehicle

All services have vacuum applied for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure there are no leaks 





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