Let’s Get Down to Business With Business Card Cases

It’s nothing new, a lot of businesses have gone on-line. Today it’s e-everything. Don’t you miss the good old days when you can talk personally with whomever you are dealing with, barter and haggle with a human face, and when the deal is made, close it with a handshake? And that instead of sending requests to join groups and contacts, sending v-cards and text messages, whatever happened to handing someone your business card?

Putting a Face On

It’s time to backtrack, and put a human face back in interpersonal dealings, and the simplest way to do that is have your personal business cards made. A small and simple proof (for want of a better term) that you have met the receiver, and that you want to be remembered.

The Card

A business card must have these essentials: your name, what you do, a contact number where they can reach you at any given time, and a few extras like your email address, a design and a logo. There are a lot of printers on the net that can do this for you, but if you have the artistic flair, why not make them yourself? Design a couple of envelopes and letterheads as well, these will come useful later on when business starts coming in.

Best Foot Forward

You wouldn’t want to be remembered as the guy or gal who passes around scruffy and beat up business cards, do you? That’s what business card cases are for: to keep your card edges straight. Handing a worn out business card give your potential client the idea that you are at the very least careless, and, unfortunately, at the very most, you might come across as someone who’s not serious.

Most business card B2B cases that will hold the whole pack of 100 cards that you get from your printer are good to keep on your desk, because your cards will get to you in cardboard boxes, and those wear out pretty easily. When you go out and meet clients, you can’t bring along those bulky business card cases, get a pocket business card holder that can hold at least 10 cards, and refill as necessary from your desk stash.

If you really want the kind of business card cases that make an impact, you can get a silver business card case that can double as your wallet, just try not to give the wrong piece of paper to your client.

Cost and Reward

Having your business card printed and buying a couple of business card cases is a small investment that has the potential to bring in a lot of business, because a lot of people are sick and tired of getting “canned” reply letters, or tired customer service representatives (if you’ve been on hold for thirty minutes, imagine what they have been through during that time). Don’t spread yourself too thin, as getting a small niche market is better than being available to a large lukewarm one. You should know how it goes by now.

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