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TronicsZone is one of the most sought-after Electronic Design Consultants by many firms that require assistance from professionals. We provide professional guidance on all aspects of Electronic Product Design & help in taking your product’s design to up to the next level. You have the opportunity to stand out against your competitors by taking advantage of our vast knowledge and knowledge. Electronic Design Consultants
There is the possibility of having a in person with M. Naveen Nagesha (our Founder/CEO) who can provide advice on any aspect related to Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing. Your business can benefit from his broad experience , expertise and understanding over more than 20 years of experience in the embedded and electronic system sector. Naveen Nagesha is among the most sought-after and sought-after experts in the field of electronic design available in the marketplace.

The author is the sole person responsible for the development of hundreds of sophisticated electronic products made by Tronicszone that have been developed and distributed successfully to a variety of clients across the globe.

Check out the profile of his on. Naveen’s Linkedin profile to find out more about his accomplishments and the recommendations of his customers.

His capabilities can be utilized in fields like

Assistance for your business in the creation of efficient products that are durable and durable.
Validating and confirming ideas to prove their viability and determine if there are any potential problems
The selection of the most critical components and estimates of the manufacturing costs
Power consumption & battery life estimations
Participating in the the development of features and functions in products, which can be useful and feasible
Verify that the style of design that you choose to use can earn profits from the creation of your product.
Assisting engineers in your business by taking part in the development and development of your products (hardware design, selection of components tools for development, etc. )
Examining the design and finding any flaws or issues that could compromise the design
Join your company’s brainstorming sessions
Your company can determine the most effective methods to engineer to reach an objective.
“Be There” is designed to offer general direction and help with electronics design problems
General consults and also assistance with the electronic production and distribution
Testing methods of manufacturing line and methods for ensuring quality control
A study into reverse engineering, as well as the electronic devices which are currently in use and attempt to comprehend the principles of operation
Mentoring startups & young professionals
Other relevant questions you think are appropriate to inquire about his opinion on

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